Commercial HVAC contractors

How Commercial HVAC Contractors Can Help Your Business Succeed

How Commercial HVAC Contractors Can Help Your Business Succeed

Owning and managing a business is no small feat for anyone. Whether you are a sole proprietor or a larger sized company, your business requires reliable and ongoing partnerships. Quality commercial HVAC contractors need to be reliable, cost efficient, knowledgeable and experienced to ensure that you get your issues fixed quickly and are able to keep your business running smoothly.


Commercial HVAC Installation

Business owners that need a new HVAC system realize that cost isn’t the only item that they need to evaluate. HVAC installation includes expenses for both materials and labor. The equipment cost will vary widely depending upon the type of system you are installing and the requirements for the space. Some HVAC systems are more expensive initially but will save you money in the long-term with lower maintenance costs.



Commercial HVAC Contractors for Maintenance and Repairs
HVAC installation is not a one and done business. If the job is done correctly, less maintenance is required on an ongoing basis, but choosing the wrong contractor can result in frequent, last minute repairs in the future. A commercial HVAC contractor in the Chandler AZ area that business owners can count on is important. Valleywide Cooling provides high quality commercial HVAC maintenance services to help you save money and keep your customers and employees comfortable all year long. Having a contractor that is able to service your needs to ensure that small and large repair jobs can be taken care of expediently and cost efficiently is vital to both you as a business owner, and to your customer.


Finding a Commercial HVAC Contractor for the Job
When you think about your business, there are many facets that come into play. Keeping the A/C and heating on is important, but HVAC work is much more complicated than that. The right commercial contractor will not only be able to work with code enforcement to ensure that an older building is sound, or that a new building meets the specifications of your needs, they will also be able to ensure that it meets the current demands of today’s requirements and is knowledgeable of energy conservation and possible green technologies.


Choosing the Right Commercial HVAC Contractor
Not all HVAC contractors are alike. We have extensive experience with commercial HVAC systems and can provide the right solution for your business. Whether you are remodeling an existing building or starting a new build out, having the right HVAC contractor will make all the difference. If you need commercial HVAC services in Chandler AZ, Valleywide Cooling has experienced technicians that can assist you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Things To Do in Chandler Arizona

Things To Do in Chandler Arizona

About Chandler, AZ

Located southeast of Phoenix, Chandler Arizona was founded by Dr. Alexander Chandler in 1912. He integrated a highly advanced irrigation system to transform the dry desert into land that could be farmed. Today Chandler is a diverse city with a wonderful quality of life.


Chandler Arizona Attractions

There are countless activities to do in Chandler AZ. Listed below are some of the top attractions and activities to enjoy while in Chandler.


Chandler Fashion Center – If you’re in the mood to shop, the Chandler Fashion Center is one of the largest malls in all of Arizona. There are over 180 shops and eateries here including Macy’s, Apple Store, Michael Kors, Coach, Sephora, Lego, The Cheesecake Factory and California Pizza Kitchen. Other amenities include a movie theater, valet parking, and an outdoor lawn to relax or enjoy one of their summer events.


Zelma Basha Salmeri Gallery – One of the highlights of not only Chandler, but of the surrounding Phoenix area is this art gallery. Featuring 3,000 pieces of native and western art is worth visiting.  Some of the art you can see include Kachinas, oil paintings, woven baskets, pottery and other Native American Indian pieces. Another bonus, the gallery is free to attend.


KOLI Equestrian Center – Have you ever wanted to go horseback riding? At the KOLI Center you can ride side by side one another and enjoy a ride through the Gila River Indian Reservation. If you’re lucky, you might even see some wild horses while on your ride. The center is open all year round and you can book private tours too.


Veterans Oasis Park – This 113 acre park has lots of available hiking trails through the Sonoran Desert. There is also a Solar System hike for the kids that offers an exploration of the planets and our sun. The environmental education center here offers free classes for all age groups on wildlife preservation and the environment. There is a lake for fishing and plenty of opportunities for bird watching and star gazing.  


Tumbleweed Park – What sounds like a desert scene from a movie, this park is actually a wonderful place for families to visit. There are plenty of playgrounds, pavilions, and fields to play. The annual Ostrich Festival is held here which includes carnival rides and live music.


Arizona Railway Museum – This self-guided tour allows visitors to explore vintage trains and railroad artifacts. There is a steam locomotive, Santa Fe caboose and other railway cars to experience these historical train cars. In addition to daily visitors, the museum accommodates meetings and groups for unique events.


There’s plenty more to do and see here, like visit the great microbreweries, or the Crayola Experience which is a must for families with children.

Chandler Arizona

Chandler, AZ Air Conditioner Repair

If you need A/C installation, A/C repair, or HVAC maintenance, and live in the Chandler Arizona area, then Valleywide Cooling can help! We are the top HVAC company in the East Valley.


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hvac inspection

Inspections Can Help Maintain And Determine When To Repair or Replace Your HVAC System

HVAC Inspections and How They Work

It is always recommended to use a certified and trusted HVAC technicians for any heating and air concerns and corrections. HVAC techs specialize in the quality of each home air system and its functionality. HVAC systems can be complicated without proper comprehension and a professionally trained tech.


An HVAC inspection can bring light to unknown or ongoing issues, as well as potential solutions. Without proper maintenance and knowledge the system can become costly. A certified HVAC tech is the perfect professional to ensure proper installation and replacements.


When to Have an HVAC Inspection
HVAC systems are recommended to be evaluated before winter and before spring/summer. This will save time and money if the system is working prior to the change in weather depending on the climate. Homes with over-due inspections begin to show signs of active malfunction, which leads to the demand of immediate action and high cost (no cold air/hot air, stuffy home or allergies, etc). It is recommended to have the HVAC check at least once a year to clean the ducts and check system performance, however seasonal checks are preferred.


HVAC Inspection
During an HVAC inspection, a tech evaluates each system in the home including: air conditioners, heaters and vents. Potential solutions for optimal function are then provided before moving forward with repairs or replacements. HVAC techs provide price estimates for planned improvements based on proper evaluation of the system.


HVAC repair
Proper performance of the HVAC systems will depend on how well it is running and its age. A certified HVAC tech can evaluate the units by running an air balance report. Similar to a car diagnostics test, the report will give a recommendation to repair or install a new unit in the home. The suggested repairs can include:

HVAC coils
Filter replacement
Duct cleaning
Condensation pan leveling, etc.


Air Quality Report
Improper maintenance of an HVAC system can lead to bad air quality. Bad air quality can spread dirt, dust and bacteria, etc.; it can also lead to high moisture in the air (or mold) and dry air (congestive discomfort). The cause of failed air quality diagnostic can vary from bad filters to damaged units. The best option is for a certified tech to run an air quality report to assess the systems functionality and make corrections to manage or repair any ongoing issues.


HVAC Installation
Replacing parts of an HVAC system can be determined by three things: upgrades, malfunctioning (damaged) A/C (or heating systems), and preventive home care. A certified HVAC tech can provide the proper direction for HVAC repair needs and recommendations. HVAC technicians can provide their professional expertise to ensure the quality of the HVAC system year-round.

air filter

What Kind of Air Filter Should I Use?

Changing an air filter is one of the easiest tasks you can do as a homeowner. Most people head to the hardware store and just buy what they have always used in the past. However, you should take a moment to learn more about air filters and which one makes sense for your home. The right kind of air filter depends on many factors including:


  • Filtration needs
  • Health issues
  • Energy efficiency
  • Ease of maintenance


If that seems a bit overwhelming for an item that you haven’t thought that much about before then, let’s take a further look to help you “filter” down the choices.



Air filters are obviously designed to block dust, dirt and other items from coming into your home. To help evaluate the type of filter you need, you will need to think more in-depth about the items you want to keep from breathing. Every filter has a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value or MERV. Low rated MERV filters block smaller amounts of particles compared to filters with high MERV ratings. Depending on the filtration capability, different filters can block:


  • Dust – The basic item that all filters seek to trap. Even cheap, low grade filters will provide a barrier to block dust. They can have a MERV of 1 – 4.


  • Mold, dust mites and pollen – These contaminants are particularly bad for allergy sufferers. Filters that trap these irritants have a MERV of 5 – 8.


  • VOCs – Most commonly associated with paints, VOCs are odors or gases that can be harmful to humans and pets. These filters may include a carbon layer to help prevent odors. They have a MERV of 8 – 16.


  • Bacteria – While typically used for hospitals, people with serious illnesses may require filters with a MERV of 13 -17 to block bacteria.


  • Viruses – The only type of filters that can block viruses are HEPA filters with a MERV of 15 – 17.


The average 1 inch filter that homeowners purchase will have a MERV of 6 – 12. If you suffer from allergies or have a chronic illness then you should focus on filters with a MERV of 8 or higher.



Air Filter Types

1” Fiberglass Pleated – These types of filters are the most common type and are cheap and easy to replace. While they generally get the job done, the issue with them is that they can restrict the air flow of your HVAC system. This can cause it to work harder and reduce the overall efficiency.


Media Filters – This type provides higher MERV filtration without the air flow issues. These are a great balance between effectiveness and value and only have to be changed once a year.


HEPA Filters – These are the best filters available on the market. In addition to blocking normal contaminants, they are designed to stop VOCs, viruses and bacteria too. They are the most expensive and require additional fans to help push air through the filter.



When Should I Replace My Air Filter?

Once you have the right filter that you need for your home, then you need to determine how often to change it. For cheaper, lower quality filters using fiberglass, they should be changed out every 30 days. For pleated filters, which are more efficient, they can be changed out every 3 to 6 months. For expensive, electronic filters, they can be changed every 6 months. Another consideration is how many people and pets you have in the house. If you are living by yourself you can change the air filter less frequently, but if you have a household with several family members and pets, then you should change it more often.

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