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Valleywide Cooling provides residential duct cleaning services in Arizona. Valleywide Cooling has trained duct cleaning professionals that use top of the line equipment designed to complete your duct cleaning project correctly and safely.

Dirty, moldy, or infested ducts can be a danger not only to your heating and cooling system, but to the health of you and your family. Don’t take a gamble with the health of your family or the reliability of your heating and cooling system – contact Valleywide Cooling today for professional duct cleaning services today.

Why Should I Select Valleywide Cooling to Clean My Ducts?

The duct system in your home is a part of your heating and cooling system – meaning any work performed on your HVAC system should be performed by heating and cooling experts. Many companies offer duct cleaning services, but often have little to no expertise dealing with the components of a heating and cooling system, which means if they make a mistake, you are left with the hassle – and possibly the expense – of having your HVAC system repaired. Valleywide Cooling’s duct cleaning specialists will clean your air ducts with specialized duct cleaning equipment designed for your specific heating and cooling system.

When Should I Have My Ducts Cleaned?

On average, you should have your ducts cleaned every three to five years, although this can vary depending on the occupants of the home. You should consider having more frequent duct cleaning performed if any of the following is true for your home:

  1. There are smokers in the home
  2. There are pets in the home that shed hair
  3. You have recently performed a home remodeling project
  4. Your air return vents are located close or on the floors rather than on the walls or ceilings
  5. You are moving into a new home

The items above can contribute to higher than normal accumulation of dust and debris in your air vents requiring more frequent duct cleaning to maintain a safe and healthy indoor air quality in your home. More frequent air duct cleaning may also be necessary if anyone in your home suffers from allergies.

If you don’t know the last time your ducts were cleaned, Valleywide Cooling can come out and inspect your ductwork for visible debris, collections of dust, mold, and other contaminants. If mold is found in your ducts or any other component of your heating and cooling system, you need to have a duct cleaning performed immediately. Dirty, moldy vents can contribute to poor air quality in your home and, even more importantly, poor health for you and your family.

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