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Heating Services in Arizona by Valleywide Cooling

Arizona enjoys one of the warmest climates in all of the continental United States. But that doesn’t mean it escapes from cold weather entirely. Houses still need to have a reliable heating system of some kind to ward off the low temperatures that can pop up without warning during the winter. Unfortunately, many residents are unsure about what type of heating system they should have, or when they need to schedule services for it.

This is why you need to have professional HVAC technicians to assist you. Valleywide Cooling has more than 40 years of experience helping households in the area find their ideal temperature solutions during cold spells. So whether you are in the market for a new furnace installation or you have a faulty heat pump that requires fast attention, dial our number.

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Arizona Heating Installation Services

Trying to find a new heating system for a house can be an intimidating job. Even if it isn’t a completely new installation but a replacement for an older system, you’ll find yourself confronted with numerous choices (electric furnace? heat pump? gas furnace?) and no easy way to make a final choice. But professionals will make the job much easier. HVAC technicians will discover what type of heating system will deliver the heat load that will keep your home warm but not create energy waste or short–cycling. Once they have picked the right system, the technicians will do the heavy work of putting the new heater in place and seeing that it works correctly, efficiently, and safely.

Schedule Heating Repair Services in Arizona

Heaters that receive a professional installation should work without too many problems for many years. But it’s almost impossible to avoid calling for repairs at some point. You can reach our repair technicians 7 days a week to schedule service as soon as you detect that there is something awry with the heater. We’ll see that the system is fixed quickly and that it stays fixed.

We Offer Regular Heating Maintenance

Make sure also to arrange for heating maintenance with us every fall. This is the best way to protect your heating system from suffering future repair problems, becoming energy inefficient, or developing safety issues.

We take our commitment to providing a complete range of heating services very seriously. You only need to call and tell us what you need to improve your home’s comfort and we’ll be there to take care of it. Make Valleywide Cooling your #1 choice in Arizona for residential heating.


The long–reigning king of heating systems—at least in terms of popularity—is the furnace. Modern furnaces can provide immense comfort levels that few other heaters can match. Our technicians install and service both electric furnaces and gas furnaces. Call today to arrange for professional furnace work for your home.

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Heat Pumps

For the hot summers and mild winters in Arizona, a heat pump is a very effective comfort system. A heat pump works as both a heater and an air conditioner, and in heating mode it consumes much less energy than other electrically–powered heaters. We offer complete services for heat pumps.

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Zone Control System

If you don’t want to heat up your entire house each time your furnace or heat pump turns on, then contact us to have a zone control system installed. Zone control divides up the ventilation system so that you only need to send heated air to the rooms that require it. You’ll save money and enjoy more even distribution of comfortable temperatures.

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Schedule Heating Services in Arizona

From furnace repair to ductless heating installation, we have all of the heating services you need. With 24–hour emergency service available, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with your heater. Simply give us a call to schedule heating services in Arizona. We’ll have a heating technician to your door in no time!

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