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Energy Recovery Ventilators in Arizona by Valleywide Cooling

Poor ventilation makes it difficult to get comfortable. Science shows that fresh air can do us all a world of good, and yet we keep our homes completely sealed up when outdoor temperatures are uncomfortable. This makes a lot of sense from an energy standpoint. Opening the windows would force your heater or air conditioner to work a lot harder to keep you cool, and you would end up wasting a lot of money and feeling discomfort.

But a lack of ventilation also makes most people uncomfortable after a long enough time. So that’s the solution? An energy recovery ventilator installed by the expert technicians at Valleywide Cooling. Give us a call today to get better ventilation in your home in Arizona without driving up your energy costs.

Valleywide Cooling provides energy recovery ventilators to homeowners in Arizona. Learn more by calling our office today!

How Energy Recovery Ventilation Works

An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) uses a fan to draw in fresh air from the outdoors before sending it out through your HVAC system to the rooms in your home, and it sends the stale air from your home to the outdoors. While it does use some energy, it won’t have as much of an effect on your bills as you might expect.

That’s because an energy recovery ventilator can transfer heat from the incoming fresh air to the stale air that is leaving the home and vice versa. In cooler weather, heat transfers from the stale air that is leaving the home to the incoming fresh air, so that your heater does not have to take on a lot of extra work. In the summer, heat from the outside air transfers to the cool, stale air leaving the home, so that it doesn’t overwork the air conditioner.

Something unique about an ERV system (as opposed to a standard heat recovery ventilator) is that it transfers not only heat, but also moisture. This means that it will not make the air in your home any more humid, which is why it’s an excellent choice for homeowners in our area.

Reasons to Install an ERV System in Arizona

In Arizona, we keep our homes and businesses sealed tightly while we run our air conditioning systems in order to beat the heat without adding on even more to our energy bills. But when you walk into an enclosed building, you might start to feel as if the air is stuffy, making it tough to get comfortable.

Installing an ERV adds ventilation to your home without necessarily adding a noticeable increase to your bills. But you’ll want a professional to install it in order to ensure that it works properly. Call our indoor air quality specialists today to add some fresh air into your home for a healthier, more comfortable space. Our friendly team can help you to address all of your indoor air quality concerns for your home in Arizona. Valleywide Cooling is your one–stop shop for all of your home comfort needs!

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