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Zone Control System Services in Arizona by Valleywide Cooling

Each time you turn on the air conditioning for a standard central cooling system, or a forced-air heater, the conditioned air goes through the ductwork to every vent in the house. This may be convenient, but for larger homes and homes that have guest rooms or other spots that are frequently empty, it can add up to a lot of energy waste. There’s a way to get around this problem, however: installation of a zone control system.

You can choose to have a zone control system as part of a new HVAC installation, but it’s also possible for professionals to retro-fit your current ductwork and thermostat network for zoning. Simply call Valleywide Cooling and talk to our comfort specialists. We’re glad to assist you with setting up your home in Arizona for the many benefits of zone control. We also offer repair services for current systems.

The experienced HVAC technicians at Valleywide Cooling provide zone control system services throughout Arizona.

How Zone Heating and Cooling Works

To create a system of different heating zones within a home that uses ducts to distribute heat, HVAC professionals must install a series of dampers into the ductwork. Each damper can seal off a stretch of duct leading a room vent that prevents air from flowing that direction. In each zone, a separate thermostat controls the damper, allowing anyone in the zone to adjust the temperature. In turn, all the local thermostats are hooked (either with wires of wireless connections) to a single control panel. From this panel, the homeowner or anyone else granted access to the controls can change temperature settings throughout the house, as well as program the entire network.

Some Benefits of a Zone Control System

The reason that homeowners usually have zone control placed in their home is to lower utility bills. It costs a good deal of money to heat and cool rooms throughout the home, and it’s a waste of money to heat and cool rooms that are empty. With zone control, most of that waste is eliminated: only rooms that need it receive heating or cooling.

Zone control can also contribute to a more content household. Everyone has different comfort needs, and this can lead to fights over how to set the thermostat. Thanks to zone control, each person can set the temperature to his or her liking using local thermostats. This same principle can be applied to the rooms themselves: not every room needs the same temperature. A kitchen, for example, often benefits from increased cooling, as does a home gym. But an infant’s room should be warmer than other parts of the house. Zone control permits you to provide comfort to each room that matches its purpose.

We Can Help You with Zone Air Conditioning and Heating

Is zone control a good choice for your house? It’s not hard to find an answer to that question: dial that number for Valleywide Cooling and one of our friendly technicians will be glad to provide you with the answers you need. From there, you can arrange for the new installation or retro–fit job that will have you set up in no time for the many advantages of zoning in a home. You can look to us 7 days a week to take care of all your comfort needs in Arizona.

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