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It probably won't be too controversial of us to say that Arizona is, by and large, a very hot and sunny place. For this reason, having an effective and efficient air conditioner installed in one's home is much more of a necessity than it is a luxury. To ensure that you are able to get the best performance possible from your air conditioner, be sure to schedule your AC services with a member of our staff.

Not only do we carry great air conditioning systems, but we'll ensure that yours is of the right size for your home before installing it with the care and expertise that define all of the services that we provide. We'll keep your system up and running at peak performance and efficiency levels with our routine air conditioning maintenance services, and we can handle the occasional repairs that you'll undoubtedly need. Trust us when we tell you that the pros here at Valleywood Cooling will help you to keep your cool. Give us a call to schedule.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services in Arizona by Valleywide Cooling

Your employees and clientele trust you to keep your commercial property comfortable and to create a safe and healthy environment to conduct business in. But one element of health and comfort that often goes ignored on a commercial property has to do with the indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality is common in commercial buildings that keep the windows and doors shut tightly. This allows contaminants to cycle through the HVAC system and it can affect those with allergies and asthma, spread certain illnesses, or make the air feel stale and stuffy. Find relief with a commercial indoor air quality system or service in Arizona from the technicians at Valleywide Cooling.

Your Options for Indoor Air Quality Systems

Selecting a new indoor air quality system may seem difficult at first because there are so many different systems available for you to choose from. We offer a brief guide to many of them here, but you should call a local indoor air quality specialist to learn more or to schedule installation.

Air Filters: Choosing an air filter with a high MERV rating (minimum efficiency reporting value) will mean better filtration for the air throughout the building.

Air Filtration System: A separate HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filtration system may be a better choice, since it can eliminate a large percentage of the very small particles that pass through.

Electronic Air Purifiers: These are unlike other standard air filters, because they use an ionization process to charge particles so that they cling to a plate within the system that you must remove and clean every couple of months or so.

UV Air Purifiers: Ultraviolet light kills and sterilizes microorganisms like bacteria and viruses as they pass through the HVAC system.

Dehumidifiers: High levels of humidity can make it difficult to get comfortable. Install a dehumidifier to control moisture levels and to feel cooler on a hot, humid day.

Humidifiers: Sometimes, low humidity is a bigger issue. Recover faster from illnesses and find relief from dry skin with a whole–house humidifier.

Heat Recovery and Energy Recovery Ventilators: With these systems, you can ventilate the home without using a lot of energy to do so.

Make sure that you only have commercial HVAC specialists working on any part of your heating and cooling system. Technicians who have limited experience with commercial systems may be more likely to choose an indoor air quality system that is incompatible with the size of your HVAC system, or they might hook up a new unit incorrectly so that it cannot work with your HVAC controls.

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