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Heat Recovery Ventilators in Arizona by Valleywide Cooling

The temperature on the thermostat is not the only thing that matters when it comes to your home comfort. Air contamination and humidity levels are other factors that can take away from the quality of your air, but there are many systems available to solve these problems. One of the most difficult indoor air quality issues to control is poor ventilation.

If your home is not well-ventilated, family members and guests may complain that the air feels “stuffy” or stale. No matter what the temperature on the thermostat says, you might have trouble getting comfortable since the same air is recycled through your HVAC system continuously. Get better ventilation within your home in Arizona even while you run the AC with a new heat recovery ventilator from Valleywide Cooling. We can help you to improve ventilation without any major impact on your bills!

Valleywide Cooling provides heat recovery ventilators and repair and maintenance services in Arizona.

How Does Heat Recovery Work?

A heat recovery ventilation system, also called an HRV system, is able to bring in fresh air without having a major effect on your energy bills. The problem with opening up the windows and doors to bring in fresh air is that it creates a lot of strain for your AC and heating equipment. Suddenly, your air conditioner and heater are forced to work a little bit harder than they were designed to, putting a lot of extra work on the unit, wearing down many of the components, increasing the possibility of failure, and raising your energy bills.

An HRV system is designed to let fresh air in without increasing your energy bills too much. While it will require a bit of energy, it is designed to retain heat so that it is not lost from your HVAC system in the winter, and so that it does not make your air warmer in the summer.

A fan lets fresh air in from the outside and allows stale air to exit the home. But first, it must pass through a heat exchanger. In the summer, the heat from the incoming fresh air transfers to the stale air leaving the system. In the winter, the stale air leaving your home first transfers its heat to the incoming fresh air.

Who Can Benefit from a Heat Recovery Ventilation System?

Many people in our area can benefit from heat recovery ventilation installation. If you’ve ever had a family member complain about having stale air in the home, you can add fresh air with this installation without worrying about your bills skyrocketing or a struggling HVAC system. If you want to keep humidity out of the home as well, you might consider an energy recovery ventilator instead.

Make sure that your heat recovery ventilator is only installed or serviced by a professional technician experienced with all aspects of the HVAC industry. Contact our friendly technicians to get help with stale and stuffy air in your home in Arizona. We will position the HVAC system and see to it that your indoor air quality problems are resolved. Call Valleywide Cooling!

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