benefits of regular HVAC maintenance

Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Many people think that if their air conditioning or heat pump is running fine then they don’t need to regularly maintain their HVAC system. That’s like never changing the oil in your car and then later wondering why it broke down. Regular maintenance of your central AC system will lower your utility bills, extend the life of your equipment, increase reliability and keep you comfortable all year round.


Provides Early Detection of Problems
HVAC issues or other potential problems can be easily detected if you are getting your HVAC system regularly inspected. Routine checks by a professional will help identify potential problems in the initial stages so you can take preventative action. By stopping the issue from getting worse you will avoid more expensive repairs in the future.


Lowers Your Energy Bills 
Regular HVAC maintenance ensures that your system is working efficiently which in turn will lower your utility bills. When a central air system is not working properly, it requires more energy to deliver the same level of comfort. More energy means higher utility bills. You can easily save on your monthly energy costs by scheduling regular HVAC maintenance with Valleywide Cooling.


Eliminate Emergency Repairs 
Too often people wait until their air conditioning breaks before they call for a repair. Unfortunately, these unexpected events seem to occur when the temperature is over 100 degrees or on the weekend when most repairmen aren’t working. Waiting for your equipment to break not only decreases the lifespan of your heat pump, but is also much more expensive than regular A/C maintenance.


Determining When You Need a New HVAC System
Technicians performing HVAC maintenance can inspect your system and determine if you need a new system. Chronic problems can be detected and these professionals can let you know when your heat pump is near the end of its life. Their diagnosis can help you plan and budget for when it’s time to install a new system for your home.


Air Conditioning Maintenance & Loyalty Plan

In addition to all of the benefits mentioned above, our Maintenance & Loyalty Plan gives you priority service, 1yr repair warranty, zero in trip fees, repair discounts, and monthly payment plan options. Our quality HVAC maintenance program provides a complete 32 point inspection for each appointment.


Sign Up Today To Save Money and Relax in Comfort

The benefits of regular HVAC maintenance are clear. It provides you with an efficient, long lasting central air system that reduces your utility bills and delivers superior performance. If you’ve been neglecting your air conditioner, call Valleywide Cooling today to set up a HVAC maintenance program. You can schedule a free appointment with a technician or you can sign up over the phone.

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