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The Best Ways to Conceal Your Outdoor Air Conditioner Unit

The Best Ways to Conceal Your Outdoor Air Conditioner Unit

While it is an important item to keep your home comfortable, the outdoor HVAC or air conditioner unit can certainly detract from the appearance of your home. If you regularly entertain guests or just enjoy a backyard BBQ, then hiding your HVAC condenser unit should be on your to-do list. But before you jump right in and cover or conceal it, be sure not to block any air flow and allow for easy accessibility in case of repairs. Listed below are some effective ways to hide this eyesore.


Lattice Fence

Putting up a lattice fence is an easy and effective way to conceal your HVAC condenser unit. White is a popular color choice, but they come in a wide range of colors to match your home’s décor. The open slat design also allows for proper airflow to prevent overheating.



This is a great way to conceal your outdoor air conditioner unit while adding some additional appeal to your yard. Choose native species that will be easy to maintain, but will also grow tall enough to hide the AC condenser unit. One note of caution is to make sure you plant the bushes far enough away that their branches and root systems don’t affect the unit. 


Privacy Screen

Outdoor privacy screens are the perfect way to cover up your air conditioner unit. They are typically weather proof and UV resistant to stand up against the harsh Arizona sun. Privacy screens come in panels that can be easily adapted or configured to your needs.


Vinyl Enclosure

Another affordable way to conceal your HVAC condenser unit is to install a vinyl enclosure. They are very durable, water proof and are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Consider adding a gate for easy access in case of repairs.



While lattice alone can help hide your air conditioner unit, planting vines will completely conceal it. The vines will make your exterior even more beautiful and add lushness to your yard. Vines can take a few months to grow in and consider using evergreen species so it will be hidden all year round. Climbing plants that do well in Arizona include the trumpet vine, primrose jasmine, honeysuckle and bougainvillea.


Small Storage Shed

It is a little more expensive, but a small shed can provide the look and concealment you’re looking for. These are durable and if it’s big enough you can still use it to store some yard tools. Just make sure that the material you choose is able to handle the amount of heat your condenser unit puts out and that there is enough airflow to it too.


Concealing your A/C condenser unit goes a long way towards improving the outside of your home. No matter what your style or budget is you can find a good solution that let’s your HVAC system work properly while keeping the esthetics of your home looking good.

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