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Clever Ways To Keep Your House Cool in the Summer

Clever Ways To Keep Your House Cool in the Summer

Phoenix area summers can be brutal with temperatures exceeding 115 degrees on some days! While having a properly running air conditioner is a must, the skyrocketing electric bills can hinder your desire to keep the A/C running all day. Fortunately, there are other ways to help keep your house cool. 


Air Conditioner Maintenance

When’s the last time you had your A/C checked? The first step in keeping your home cool during the summer is to make sure your air conditioner is working properly. Valleywide Cooling has regular maintenance plans to make sure your HVAC system is operating efficiently so it doesn’t break down in the middle of summer.


Insulate Your Attic

Your home’s attic is the first layer of defense against the hot rays of the sun. Additional insulation will help reduce the amount of heat that enters your home from the attic.


Attic Fan

Another great way to stop heat coming into your home is to install an attic fan. If there isn’t enough ventilation and air movement, the hot air will heat up the rest of your home. A smart attic fan can be easily installed and automatically adjusts the fan speed depending on the temperature of your attic.


Window Box Fans

Similar to an attic fan, box fans placed in the window on upper level floors will help vent hot air outside. The trick to this method is to face them outward especially when it’s hotter outside.


Ceiling Fans

Obviously ceiling fans are necessary in Arizona, but choosing the right ones can make all the difference in whether or not you stay cool. In addition, many people don’t install enough ceiling fans in their home. They should be placed wherever people congregate such as kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. Ceiling fans are energy efficient and help move cool air around the house.


Keep Blinds Shut

We all appreciate natural light in our homes, but during hot summer days it can make your home unbearable. When the temperatures are spiking outside, draw the shades to block the sun and heat.


Unplug Electronics

This may seem unnecessary, but by unplugging electronics and appliances you aren’t using, you can help reduce the ambient heat generated by these devices.


Avoid the Oven

While noting beats a home cooked meal, using the stove during the hottest parts of the day is asking for trouble. Avoid using the oven or a cooktop to prepare dinner and cook early in the day or opt for meals that don’t require heating such as salads or wraps. If you prefer a hot meal, grill outside or use a crockpot instead.


Bed sheets

While cotton is a popular material for bed sheets, you’re doing yourself a disservice for not using them in the summer.  Replace silk, flannel, satin or polyester sheets with light colored cotton sheets since they don’t hold as much heat as other materials.


Use your A/C Wisely

Before cranking your air conditioner to cool you off, be sure that there aren’t any leaks or rooms where you are wasting the cool air. If there is a spare bedroom that doesn’t get used, close off the vents and doors to help redirect the air to other areas of the home that need cooling off. Another way to help optimize your AC unit is to use a smart thermostat which can help efficiently operate your system and provide the best use throughout your home.


With these tips you can be sure to keep your house cool and save some money on your electric bill.

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