The home furnace system uses subsets of different systems to work and deliver heating and air conditioning. There are the evaporator coils that hold condensed refrigerant. The condensate lines are the system that removes unwanted water away from the furnace. Even the air ducts are a system that transports air in and out of the house.

Unfortunately, with so much water, air and power moving in and out of the furnace system, things are bound to get stuck, and even grow. What’s growing in your furnace and how can you get rid of it?

Stagnant Water Leads to Microbiological Growth
The furnace is constantly heating and cooling down. As it experiences this wide range of temperature, condensation takes place. As a result, water pools in different areas. While condensate lines should remove excess water, many times water escapes through leaks and holes. When water collects and grows stagnant, microbiological growths result.

Microbiological growth is commonly found around condensate lines, pans and evaporator coils. Because these growths mostly occur in deep and dark areas where there is little to no light, it’s difficult for homeowners to clean themselves. Consequently, furnace maintenance becomes necessary to remove microbiological growth like mold from the furnace system.
Lack of Maintenance Causes Tough Buildup Furnaces quickly grow dirty. Not only do they sit out in the garage and backyard, air from inside the home passes in and out of it every hour.

While the air filter in the furnace should remove the majority of particles, few homeowners have these regularly maintained. Particles pass through the furnace filter and into the system itself, sticking to sensitive pieces like fins, blades, motors, wires and bands.

What kind of particles are these?
Lint, feathers and other stuffing materials
Pet dander
Microbiological spores
Food particles
Pieces of plants and insects
Insect and animal feces
Allergens particular to the building

Time after time, particles continue collecting into tougher and tougher buildup. As a result, repairs are needed, efficiency declines and the furnace becomes unreliable.

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